David Kravitz’s Book Gets My Respect!

I know one thing I am thankful for would be the people who are in my life because without them I’d be clueless! I spend a lot of time in my garage working on cars for clients and mostly my wife’s car because she’s reckless (but don’t tell her that).

I don’t spend much time in the sun because I always have my face under the hood of a car or under the car itself. I guess you could conclude I don’t have much of a social life either. One day my daughter tells me about this new craze thing called “Facebook” and it’s the best new way to connect with old friends and family. ¬†Why not? I’ll give it a try. That was in 2008.

51x54WJHU7L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Just a few days ago, my daughter brings me a book she got from her college professor written by David Kravitz. It’s a nice little paperback book dressed up in my favorite green/blue/teal color and it has, “How to Monetize Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Other Social Media Sites” literally packed tightly on the front more so than the engine and other components of a car are packed into the front under the hood. It’s a title so ridiculously long, I guess they didn’t have much choice unless shortening it was out of the question.

I wasn’t interested at first. I don’t want to read, I want to work! “Reading doesn’t make you money,” is what my father would tell me. But wait, this book clearly says in the beginning of all this cramped, claustrophobic text that it’s going to teach you HOW to monetize your social media. I’m in!

With a few minutes of reading, I was hooked on it and I learned so much. I learned I could be making money doing what I have been doing for free with my social media. David Kravitz goes in depth with what it takes to get started, mainly social media, then lists the steps of where you can start making changes.

The good news is that now my garage business is even more successful and I have more clients than just my wife! I can’t thank my daughter enough. She’s really changed my life for the better.

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