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Classic Cars Can Be Both a Unifying Force and an Expression of Individuality

It is not often that the thing that sets us apart can also be the thing that brings us together, but this seeming paradox is perfectly represented in the owners of classic cars. This is especially the case with classic car enthusiasts who are deeply involved with restoration and customization, as it the process of bringing a classic car back to life that allows these unique individuals to express their creative side while also identifying themselves as something of an iconoclast.

Once the restoration or customization process is complete, however, the car then becomes a beacon for other like-minded souls who want to talk shop and bond over a shared love of gear shafts and other car parts. For friends and family members who often see a tirelessly focused and solitary individual who seems to prefer to be alone with a project in the garage, it can be quite jarring to witness this same person jovially engaging a complete stranger in conversation while looking over the open hood of a classic car. To the car enthusiast, however, this contradictory personality quirk makes perfect sense.

Someone like Ken Fisher is probably quite familiar with this concept, as one of his many books discusses the different kinds of paths taken by wealthy individuals to achieve a remarkably similar level of financial success. The same is true of classic car enthusiasts, and one of the most common subjects these individuals share has to do with the many choices made during the restoration and customization of their passion project. In the end, the car does not look any different to an outsider, but it is readily apparent to those who happen to share this sacred bond.