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Randi Glazer Discusses Risks, Rewards of Classic Car Collecting

For those with a passion for collecting, restoring or rebuilding classic cars, there is often little thought to the risks and rewards beyond the simple enjoyment associated with such a pursuit. The insurance and underwriting specialist in Randi Glazer, however, immediately focuses on the potential risks and rewards that accompany every last detail associated with classic car collecting.

According to Glazer, many classic car collectors — as well as those who are even remotely familiar with this unique and intriguing hobby — are surprised to learn that a passion for collecting, restoring and rebuilding classic cars is one of the most stable investments an individual can make, as there is always a strong market for just about any classic car ever made available.

While there is enough risk that comprehensive insurance is entirely worthwhile, classic cars tend to be immune to any shifts in the economic climate and therefore represent an investment that consistently yields a significant return or at least provides the opportunity to recover the cost of the initial investment.